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How do you sum up a city, particularly a huge, diverse, and complex city like Seattle? Well, you don't. An attempt to do so, beside being
presumptuous, will be very unsatisfactory, cumbersome, incomplete, and overly long. In addition to all of this, cities change. So even were I to do a satisfactory job, the description would be out of date as soon as it was finished. Instead, I am just going to put up a selection of photographs from 2007. There will be two sections. This first section is from a few days spent in town, before departure for Alaska. A second section will describe a few more days, spent in a different part of town, doing different types of things, after returning.

A look towards the City downtown, from the station. This is one of the great things about rail travel. You are in the middle of town, rather than some airport miles away.
King Street Station.
Seattle's King Street Station, showing the clock tower. The clocks have recently been repaired.
A look up the street as we tried to figure out if we should walk, take a bus, or grab a cab.

This is Queen Anne's Hill. It is a trendy neighborhood near the Seattle center, and somewhat north and east of downtown.
Our nicely landscaped local hotel. This had obviously been an apartment building at one time.
Trying to find our room.
A nice room, bug and classic.
A coin toss decides who gets which bed.
The Entrance to The Seattle Center, with the iconic Space Needle in the background.
The Space Needle. This is the symbol and most recognizable structure in Seattle. It was constructed for the 1962 World's Fair. These were great and optimistic days. According to one utopian dream for the future, we would all be living and working in the sky, with the Earth turned into a kind fo a big park. The Space Needle claimed to be one way of doing this.

The Key arena is part of the old Seattle World's Fair area.
This is The Singing Fountain. Visors are invited to  walk and run around the fountain. as music plays, water jets shoot out fo random jets and go in random directions.
Some kids run around in the fountain. it's hard to say if they are seeking or avoiding the water.
A closer look at the head of the fountain. It was pretty early in the day when we were here. The place gets quite a bit more crowded later in the day.

A view across part fo the Seattle Center. looking towards the science pavilion.
More stuff for children to play around on.
part of the midway of the Seattle Center. A bit of the base of The Space Needle can be seen towards the left of the photo.
Just outside the entrance to The Space Needle, with part of the Seattle Center in the background.
The Space Needle gallery and mezzanine.

A look off towards Queen Anne's Hill from the Space Needle
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