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Downtown, and Near the Grounds
    The birthday bash was thrown at the Summerfest grounds along Milwaukee's Lake front.

Bikes and people are everywhere, filling the city, and turning the whole area between downtown, and the Summerfest grounds into one huge lot full of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Even the police were all on motorcycles, with never a squad car in sight.

There will be many photos like this. Thousands of motorcycles line the streets.

A great looking tow tone sidecar rig sits among it's lesser brethren. I love sidecars.

Visitors mill around, look at bikes, and slowly make their way towards the festival grounds.

A look towards downtown, over a bike lined street.

Left and Above:
We are looking towards the Summerfest grounds, past many more bikes.

A typical hectic, bike crowded street.

Showing off, and getting ready to hit the grounds.

Above and Left:
This traffic officer, even on the job, seemed as cheerful and happy as any of the visitors.

The old third ward, sitting just south of downtown, has become essentially a large bike parking lot.

Another block full of bikes. Note the covers over the parking meters, all of these streets are set aside as motorcycle parking only.

Above, and below:
There are motorcycles everywhere.


A police officer good naturally tells someone where to go.

A look past some of the many celebrants, to the gates of the festival grounds.

This is one of many film crews out. Some are from the media, but many are from Harley itself, which wants to document this once in a century event.

We are not even on the grounds yet, and already there are many opportunities to do that most American of all things, shop.
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