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Bikes Along the Lake
    The birthday bash was thrown at the Summerfest grounds along Milwaukee's Lake front.

We are near the top of the hill overlooking Lake Michigan (The Lake). This is Lafayette Hill Drive, and is at approximately the halfway point of Milwaukee's Lakefront.

A look down the walkway at the bottom of the hill. we are looking towards the lake, and are not yet at the street. Even so, an abundance of motorcycles are on display.

The highest compliment. A custom bike owner stops and poses for a photo. The photographer gets down on the pavement to catch bike and rider at just the right angle.

Posing for a photo.

There are many other custom bikes gathered here, along with countless factory, and semi custom models.

A full dress 100th anniversary model. The stuff that dreams are made of.

Vendors are everywhere as are bikes, and people (even dogs).

Relaxing among friends. The Open Road Show is across the street, but there is no hurry. This photo was taken at the beginning of four days of activities.

A look past the curve in the road show nothing but bikes lining the street.

Another look, from farther back shows some buildings, and one of the tents from the Open Road Show.

More cars and bikes fill the lakefront. This will go on for most of the day, and much of the night.

Another shot of the same scene from a slightly different angle.

Motor cycles shelter under every tree, while their riders go off in search of food, drink, and whatever else.

A look at the old Coast Guard station, around which the Open Road Show is centered.

The bus going to the festival grounds is just a bit crowded. I suspect that most people found themselves walking.

The stage, and some of the outdoor food vendors, at the Open Road Show. This is located several miles north of the main festival grounds, along the lake front.

Another group of people wait to board a festival bus. Walking is faster.

Now that most of the bikes are parked, cars mix it up with boats and bikes on the road.

Motorcycles can be seen lining the road to the left, while the southbound lane of traffic is packed. No one is headed north, as the main festivities are at the Summerfest grounds located just south of the park.

People head towards the Summerfest grounds in droves. Some will park several miles away, and see nothing but rows of bikes all the way to the grounds.

A small body of water separates parts of the lake drive from the lakefront itself. On the other side can be seen the tents of the Open Road Show.

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