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The Official Events
    The birthday bash was thrown at the Summerfest grounds along Milwaukee's Lake front. This had been the third bug Harley bash thrown here, in the last ten years. These grounds host a series of festivals all summer long, and scarcely a weekend goes by without a festival and associated fireworks.

The Promised land. This is the main entrance gate to the Summerfest grounds. Flanked on both sides by a motorcycle vanguard, these gates now give entry to what many were calling Harleyfest. Tickets had been sold out for months, and were going for six to eight times their $50 face value.

For the faithful, passing under the freeway which fronts the main gates is a bit like ancient man passing the pillars of Hercules, and entering a new world.

Just inside the gates, and we are invited to get our (free) birthday celebration magazines.

walking the grounds, and looking around. The gates have just opened, and the crowds have not really grown to their full splendor yet.

One good way to get an over view (literally) of the celebration is by riding on the Sky Glider. This is essentially a ski lift, built over the Summerfest grounds.

All Aboard.

A celebrant digs for his camera as the car rises above the grounds.

This couple looks back at their friends, as they head up to tour the festival grounds.

This was probably as good a way as any to start of a day at the festival grounds. It permits viewing of the building crowds, and allows for a look at the grounds before deciding on the day's activities.

Looking ahead at the workforce exhibit, which shows some classic bikes, as well as a bit of the history of the company.

Lots of riders are up here with me, and the lift stayed full all day.

A nice over view of the northern section of the grounds, with one of several amphitheaters visible.

Above the crowds and looking around.

A good view of the lake, with a classic old wooden schooner.

A canopy of trees shields the ground from the sun, and momentarily isolates us from the crowds on the ground, though there are plenty of people up here too.

More crowds, with the highway, and the arch of the Hoan bridge visible.

A pair of little ones (future Harley buyers, it is hoped) dangle over the people beneath, as their parents point out the sights below.

Wow, look at all of those people down there!

A look at downtown Milwaukee, from above the festival grounds.

A tree lined grove, and lots to do (and buy) below.

Looking ahead to the rest of the weekend

Who is that behind those Foster Grants?

Skirting a rooftop, and heading back into the trees.

A Harley Davidson sculpture/pillar dominates the center of the grounds.

The Summerfest grounds, on which the celebration is being held, border the lake. Many people step away from the crowds for a moment, and enjoy the relative solitude of the water.

An excursion boat offers to take party goers a bit further out on the water.
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