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    The birthday bash was thrown at the Summerfest grounds along Milwaukee's Lake front.

A sort of a promenade is formed by a line of trees along the lake front.

Lining up to watch balls of iron, at the Extreme  Sports stage. 

The festival grounds version of the water Street Brewery. The full fledged version, on Milwaukee's Water Street, was packed every night of the celebration, as was this smaller version.

Looking up one of the "streets" of the festival grounds, with the Sky Glider visible above.

The Marcus Amphitheater held some pretty big name acts, during the celebration.

The Blue Thunder team joined the daredevil bikers on the southern end of the park.

This Harley truck hosted a display of clothing and accessories. Others brought in bikes to put on display.

Some Milwaukee bikers admiring a Milwaukee bike. As much as this celebration drew many thousands from all over the world, a large proportion of the revelers were locals (myself included).

More people come in to look over the display of several custom bikes.

A young lady on a bike, always draws a crowd.

Looking at the bike, and looking at the price tag.

As I said: A young lady on a bike, always draws a crowd.

More admiring of bikes, and distress over price tags. Well, if you have to ask....

A look along the southern edge of the lakefront on the grounds. A schedule of stunt team events sits to the left.

The main staring longingly at the bike seems to be straining to figure out a way to get one for himself. A sympathetic Viking looks on.

Admiring a classic full dress Harley, with a fancy paint job.

Amazingly, no one is sitting on this bike, but this situation can not last for long.

I don't care how much you beg, I am not getting off.

Gathered at the edge of a landscaped walk, people sit like birds on a telephone line.

A look up "Main Street" We are getting into late afternoon here, and soon the sun will be going down. Then the real revelry will start.

A shady grove by an enclosed lagoon, makes a nice spot to relax amidst the hectic activities.

This is one of a dozen or so stages located throughout the grounds. This is Harley's namesake stage, which hosts country rock bands during Summerfest.

This is the Miller stage, which generally hosts jazz bands during Summerfest.

The fountains by the information booth, near the entrance. This is a good place to meet, relax, and make plans, and retrieve lost companions.
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