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The Sheriffs
    Well now, this is more like it. A group of Harley riders from the Marion County Sheriffs Department. This is their motorcycle drill team, and though they do not jump ramps, or leap off of their bikes and then back on to them, they are pretty precise riders, and have a few tricks of their own. Don't commit a crime in Marion county, Indiana. If you get caught, don't run; these guys will absolutely catch you.

Two riders abreast, lead the formation as it forms up into two columns. They are riding very close, which is not always so easy to do with bikes of this size and weight.

The formations break up, and reform, this time into a chevron.

Looking almost like a phalanx, these riders come in a tight square.

Reforming into two ranks, these riders will then ride at each other in close formation (below).

Forming interlocking circles moving in opposite direction, these men narrowly miss colliding.

Riding at each other in close formation. Note that the "rider" to the left of the photo is actually two riders nearly touching each other.

Very nearly hitting each other, the riders join up into a pair of close set columns.

Splitting up again for one last set of tricks.

Wheeling and turning in two alternate circles, the sheriffs make different patterns, almost like a grown up version of the shriners in local parades.

One of the riders decides to stand up for a better view, and weave himself through the other riders.

Standing up and taking a bow.
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