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The People
    A selection of Harley people who, for whatever reason, stood out in my mind after it was all over.

This couple, from Oklahoma City, came rather early, and were part of the vanguard of Harley riders. This photo was taken early in the week, before most riders had hit town. Still, the reunion rides had already begun, and all over the country huge numbers of riders were already on the road, heading towards Milwaukee.

Showing off their Harly/Route 66 shirts. Old Route 66 runs through Oklahoma City, and a very savvy dealer has decided to take advantage of the association of the road, and build his dealer ship there.

Seeing the world through a viewfinder. I have no idea what this couple really looks like. This is probably how I looked to most people, during the celebration.

Smile, and show me your Harley face. These girls (young ladies, pardon me) were pretty happy to be here.

A little jaded and tired, so that getting up high, sitting down, and getting an overview of the grounds is probably a good idea.

Pardon me, but are you twins?

Classic Harley faces. These two look as if they would definitely be at home on a bike.

Harley enthusiasts come in all sizes. The shoes sticking straight out are a riot. When this little girl grows up she will get a pink Harley.

Is he giving me the eye, or posing for a photograph? I may never know.

A pair of Brazilians look around below the Sky Glider. This Mecca of Harley brought people from all over the world.

Large numbers of people decided to rise above the festivities below.

These two look pretty happy, which hardly sets them apart here. Naturally, a camera is out and ready for use.

Honey, you can put the map away; we won't get lost up here.

This couple looks pretty introspective, considering where they are.

Pointing out some of the sights.

A vigilant photographer stands (or rather sits) ready. Everyone had cameras, and I suspect that miles of film were shot over the weekend.

Lets see, film, camera, tickets, keys --- it must be in here somewhere.

Craning their necks to look the place over, this Harley couple is dressed in a style that would have been familiar to their parents at their age.

Hello up there. Despite the implied invitation, I did not jump down.

Sitting high above the crowd gives this visitor a good chance to get a photo.

A couple shares a peaceful moment at the lake, right inside of the party grounds.

An interestingly attired celebrant also lounges a bit at the lakefront. The sixties live.

This is a collection of veteran bikers, if ever I saw one. For you Santa spotters out there, you can see him in this photo. I knew Santa was a Harley rider. I also noted that Mrs. Claus was not around.

These two are also obvious veteran bikers, who have been on a Harley or two in their lives. Sometimes you can just tell.

I dare you to call this a dress.

These two have come a long way, from the land of the midnight sun to that of the V-Twin. many of these people had their bikes shipped over with them, so that they could participate in some of the rides, and other bike events.

The Milwaukee Police were more like hosts and tour guides, than enforcement officers. I saw more happy police officers talking to more friendly visitors. I have never seen such a cheerful police force.

Pacing themselves. It's going to be a long night, and we all need our rest.

I think this guy has ot backwards, the bike goes on the bottom, and the rider sits on top. Oh well, to each his own, I guess.

A selection of headgear was to be found. Harley people are nothing if not conservative in dress.

Some guys spend their entire lives trying to look this cool.

Well, the less said about this the better. People actually cheered as this lovely couple rode past.

Well, it's time to call it a day.
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