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The Harley Davidson Historical Collection
The Bikes that made Milwaukee Famous


Side and front views of one of the newer versions of the Harley Sportster. The Sportster is the entry level Harley, and is the smallest, lightest, and lowest displacement bike that Harley makes. Even so, at a minimum of 883cc, or a maximum of 1200cc, it is probably as much bike as anyone would need.

Please respect the rights of motorcyclists to share the road --- OR ELSE!

This vintage bike from the Second World War, was developed specifically for desert warfare against Rommel. Notice the shape of the motor, which indicates that it is an opposed twin. These bikes also had shaft drive, because the desert sands wreaked havoc on chains. Can you say BMW?

Look at those tires. Modern compact cars have smaller tires. Also note the radio mounted between bike and sidecar.

The sidecar held the passenger/ observer/ gunner. Note the shovel, and the binocular case. this versatile little scout vehicle was ready for just about anything.

Check out the dual Thompson submachine guns, along with the dual magazine pouches. I suspect that the arms on display are nonfunctional (what a disappointment).

A display of some more prosaic bikes, meant more for transportation than for fighting.

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