The Harley Davidson Engine
The Heart of the Motorcycle (Made in Milwaukee)
The heart of any motor vehicle is it's engine, but this is particularly true of the motorcycle. In a motorcycle the engine is out on display, for the whole world to behold, and is generally a structural member of the bike. Automobiles are not integrated to this extent. In a car, the engine, frame, and usually the body, are all separate members. In a motorcycle, they are all integrated with each other. Harley is proud of it's unique, and sometimes quirky engine designs, even to the extent that they show their motors off like mechanical sculptures.

Some Harley parts, including a few of the engine internals. Ignore the placard; it describes exhibited items outside the range of the photo.
A cutaway of the new V-Rod air cooled engine. From this side, the cams, timing, and some of the lower end components are shown.

Another view of the cutaway engine. This view of the V-Rod motor shows the piston, cylinder, and valve arrangement.

The visible XL1200 shows a partially assembled Sportster air cooled engine.
Some More Harley Parts, and Engines Under Glass

The visible Twin Cam 88 engine. This is a cutaway view of Harley's current largest engine. This is an air cooled 88 cubic inch motor.

Another view of the Twin Cam under glass.

The big Sportster, bottom end. The pistons, and rods are in, but the cylinders are not yet installed.

The bare Sportster crankcase, a finished forging with no parts installed.

The bottom end of Harley's current biggest engine, the Twin Cam 88. The balancer looks pretty massive.

Half of the Twin Cam 88 crankcase.
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