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Metal, rubber, plastic, and soul
This is just the first of three pages about the Machine tent. The display motorcycles, and the display engines have pages of their own. This is just sort of an overview of the inside of this part of the exhibit.

Step this way to see the Machine exhibit.

A look around, just in side the entrance. There are videos, engines, bikes, cutaways, tank graphics, and even internal motorcycle parts.

Someday kid, this will all be yours.

A look at some of the display platforms, and a few of the bikes on display. Video monitors are pervasive through out the tent, and feature a constant show of manufacturing processes, biker life, and technical information.

This is early on the first day, and already things are getting a tiny bit crowded. Over the weekend, it will be very busy, and much more difficult to get good photos of the displays.

Note the white covered tent inside of the main tent. If the tent seems to resemble a Sportster gas tank, it is no coincidence. We will be returning to this tent soon.

Perusing a collection of rare, and in some cases, old bikes.
The engine sculpture. This rotating sculpture is the centerpiece of the tent. It is made up of the nick names of all of the major Harley V-Twin engines in production through out the history of the company. Just beneath it is the engine exhibit, showing examples of all of the Harley engines, which is shown on the next page.

People wander around beneath the sculpture, not wanting to miss anything. There are so many displays that it is sometimes hard to decide where to go next.

A front view of the classic Harley Handi-Car, the only factory production trike offered by any motorcycle company. This vehicle is shown in more detail on the next page.

This police Electra Glide utilized a hand shifter, allowing the installation of a foot operated siren.

A close up of the shift mechanism shows that the shifter is gated.

Inside the large tank shaped inner tent, is a selection of assorted Harley Davidson gas tanks. This area is a showcase for tanks style, and tank art. The exhibit featured the 100 favorite tank designs of the Harley Davidson styling department.

This is the start of the tank exhibit. I have taken a series of photos which will show all 100 tank designs.

All styles, colors and motifs were on display; everything from retro, and art deco, to the most modernistic.

The amazing thing about this exhibit, aside from the sheer variety of designs, is the fact that Harley designers actually had to spend time paring these examples our from a much larger selection.

Though there is a seemingly endless variety of custom pain jobs and styles available from customizers, all of the tanks on display are factory stock.

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