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The Harley Davidson Open Air Grounds
The Bikes that made Milwaukee Famous

With the Lakefront filling up, some people had quite the walk back to the exhibits, after finding a parking spot.

A look down at the traffic, and at a very small section of bikes parked along Lincoln Memorial Drive.

Looking a bit further off, a portion of the city skyline can be seen. Downtown, and the Summerfest grounds are located a couple of miles down this road. The entire distance is lined with bikes.

A look in the other direction, north. Things are just a bit crowded here. The northern section of Lincoln Memorial Drive curves to the left (west), a few miles up the road, and ends in a park before connecting to Kenwood drive, and fronting UWM.

Apparently, this rider is a follower of at least two religions. He must also be immune to suffering, since such a large tattoo has to be painful.

A look South, towards downtown. Things have not really begun yet, and already motorcycles are very much in evidence.

One more look, with the skyline more clearly discernible. It's a shame these pictures don't include sound.

waiting in line to get into one of the exhibit tents. I am very glad that I went earlier in the day, when things were a bit less hectic.

A collection of cute little hogs.

These bikes are parked in front of the catering truck of the Country Cooker. Fittingly enough, a pig roast is being thrown. I helped myself to a sandwich, and it was a bit greasy, but delicious. Perfect food for this occasion.

Touring the Lakefront, or heading up to the main party at the Summerfest grounds, these visitors are riding past the Experience exhibits. Perhaps they are just gawking at all of the bikes which line the entire length of the Lakefront.

Really, we shot down four of these back in the war.

People mill around as the tents close up. Vendors will still operate for a while, but the center of events is shifting for the night.

The Experience is shutting down for the night, but it hardly leaves the celebrants with nothing to do. A huge celebration is going on at the Summerfest grounds, and parties have sprung up all over town. There is also the Riders Ranch, and State Fair Park, along with numerous other semi public locations, which have an unofficial event agenda of their own.

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