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A bit of The History of Harley Davidson, and of the culture which grew around it.

Above and left, an old Harley flathead from 1935. The depression years were not kind to Harley, any more than they were kind to other manufacturers. Still, the company was in less danger of faltering during the depression, than in the bad old days of the seventies.
A small commuter bike, imported but not built by Harley.

The factory custom Low Rider, and Softtail models. The lowrider shown was made by AMF Harley, and featured the shovelhead engine. The softail shown had the evolution engine, and was made by the Harley Davidson Company.
the wall of fame, photo collection from the traveling show.

More photos of the Harley culture, along with video loops of riders personal experiences. The booth where these stories are recorded, can be seen to the left.

Two Hopes for the future:
The V-Rod shown above is the new water cooled high tech Harley engine, designed to compete with the latest offerings from around the world.
     The new Sportster, shown to the left, and below, is Harley's latest incarnation of the classic air cooled V-Twin, which is the essence of the traditional American motorcycle.

A short history of Willie G Davidson, including pictures which must make him blush. One of the best moves Harley ever made was to take him on as chief stylist.

Before and after pictures of Willie G. Davidson. The phone in the photo is circled because:
1) It has a wire
2) It has a dial
3) It is plain, and black
They just don't make them like that anymore.

Included in the exhibits were toys, games, and a series of enlarged covers from numerous children's books. All items were motorcycle related, and doubtless contributed to the evolving of the motorcycle culture.

Some big boys looking at motorcycle toys designed for small boys.

Walking through an exhibition of bikes, posters, historical displays, and cultural icons.

Assorted Harley big wigs pose and interview in front of the first Harley. This 1903 model was essentially a heavy bicycle with a gas tank, and a single cylinder engine, which drove the rear wheel via a leather belt. It retained the pedals, and could be pumped like a regular bicycle.

The latest Harley cruiser, in full 100th anniversary trim.
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