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The New Harley Davidson Motorcycles
What the well dressed biker is straddling this year (Engines Made in Milwaukee)

The Christian Motorcyclists prison team? I think this may be a joke, but who knows?

The Softail section, where everyone wants to grab their own little piece of tail.

Buell offers a selection of high performance Harley bikes. In some cases these are pure racing bikes, which do not even have center stands, and side stands.

An overview of the Softail section.

More of the Buell high performance section.

The venerable Sportster, though much improved from what it once was, is always a big draw. These are Harley's cleanest, and most basic bikes.

Sportsters, Dyna Glides, and Softails. The Harley nomenclature is getting to be a bit complex, with all of the versions of the various models available. Still, variety is the spice of life, and is one of the secrets to Harley's success. 

Looks good on you. Now get off so we can try.

I suspect that this man has owned and ridden a Harley before.

Looking over a selection of the new V-Rod models.

This husband seems to be thinking "If I could only keep one, which would it be?"

I don't think she is going to get off. you might as well just tell her she can have one.

The boys try on the newest Harley. The V-Rod is Harley's only water cooled motorcycle.

The more traditional Low Rider still attracts quite a following. This is the semi custom, bike which Harley has been offering for over twenty years.

Harley does not stop at marketing bikes, a selection of clothes, helmets, and other personal gear are available. Harley is now doing what legions of small companies have been doing for decades.

One checks out the bike, while another checks out the price tag. Still, I was kind of surprised at how little a Harley can be had for. While the company does produce bikes in the $20,000 range, some of the sportster models can be had for about $6,000.

Sure you can afford it. It's just a matter of getting your priorities straight, and making the sacrifice.

You and this bike are just made for each other, sir. I noticed that as soon as I saw you.

This is the Sportster 1200, and I have taken a few pictures of this one, because here is a bike that I can actually afford. I can always hope for next year.

Another shot of "my" bike.

A little bit fancier model, for a little bit more money. Decisions, decisions.

This man seems to have his mind made up. I can not even begin to imagine how many bike sales were generated by this event, and how many more will be generated over the coming years.

Trying the softail line on for size. These are bigger, fancier, and more expensive than the Sportster series.

Harley's most advanced design, as of it's 100th, is the V-Rod, but who knows what is in store for the future.
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