The Parade

A promenade through the Milwaukee area, ending at the lake front

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This rather futuristic looking sidecar has been painted to match the 100th anniversary scheme of the new Harley which hauls it.

A look down the street shows us to be in deep shadow. This first vantage point is directly across from the Milwaukee Central Library. This is just about the beginning of the downtown area.

These two are doing it right. A high end camera insures that they will have a good record to match their memories of the event.

We are looking up the street, west, towards Marquette University. The statue is of George Washington, who did not actually own a Harley, but who probably would have, had they been available in his day.

A group of orange dressed HOG members, represent their chapter.

This couple probably remembers the 50th.

Another set of veteran riders, this time in a 100th anniversary sidecar unit.

The whole extended family seems to be packed into this sidecar rig.

I can't quite tell what state these two might be from. The cheesy bike, the cheese heads and the cow pattern vest should give me a hint.

More police motorcycle units. Though most were at the front, a few are scattered throughout the parade.

Lots of hands in the air, and lots of camera shutters clicking away.

Father and son hit the road, and then hit the parade route.

Senator Bob Welch is one of many local politicians, and local figures who took part in the procession.

Washington watches as another group passes in review.

Hey you! Yeah you!
I see what you're doing there!
This was the Marion County Indiana motorcycle drill team.

Up from Bloomington Il., These are veteran riders. They lead the whole HOG chapter from Bloomington.

More HOG chapters, with complete with flags and banners. This was a great day for the HOG groups.

More HOG chapters, banners and flags pass by, along with an assortment of motorcycles, including this banana yellow example coming up the middle of the street.

Flags and banners represent millions of bikers belonging to HOG chapters all over the world.

The bike barely visible at the far right flies four different flags.

Two flags fly from the back of this bike, as this flag bearer leads his HOG chapter down the parade route.

They continue to come. Judging from the numbers, there must be a HOG chapter in every city in the world.

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