The Parade

A promenade through the Milwaukee area, ending at the lake front

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We missed you.

Invasion of the HOGs continues.

These Chicago HOG riders didn't have very far to come, but the traffic probably seemed heavy, even for them. So many people came, that even the Chicago, and Madison hotels were full. Chicago itself is probably a two to three hour drive to Milwaukee, depending on traffic and the part of Chicago you are coming from.

A HOG chapter from Bangor Maine. Seems like a pretty cold place to be riding a motorcycle, but then, so is Wisconsin.

A HOG chapter from Pennsylvania. York is where the bikes are assembled, though the power plants are made here in Milwaukee.

Judging from the helmets, these HOG riders must be from Germany.

Nice paint job on the fairing. These two must be spies; they are both wearing trench coats, not standard motorcycle gear by any means, particularly in the summer.

Out ahead of the group, this flag bearer has the stereotypical Harley beard. People were joking that Harley riders all look like Kenny Rogers, Santa Claus, or Kris Kristopherson I hope they were talking only about the men.

A number of Viet Nam vets ride together. This continues a long tradition. Most of the original motorcycle clubs, and gangs were collections of men who had served together in war.

Sporting the obligatory Harley beard, and vest, this flag bearing HOG brings up the rear of his local chapter. A group of non HOG riders follows.

Another passenger (pillion) with a camcorder. I suppose if I had been riding, I would have done the same.

Will the real HOG please stand up. The glasses are a nice touch.

Another camcorder wielding passenger. Most of the riders are both tourist, and tourist attraction.

The Viet Nam Colors in this streamer show this to be another group of veterans.

This pair is wearing the new DOT required soft padded head gear. These new regulations will go into effect in 2005.

This clever rider has mounted his camcorder on top of his helmet, and seems quite pleased with himself. Whatever he sees, his camcorder sees.

Club HOG may not sound very exclusive, but with some Harely's going out the door at over twenty thousand dollars, the admission can be steep. For the less ostentatious rider, some models are available for under ten thousand.

Another contingent of British HOG riders.

Harley Davidson is alive and well in, of all places, Japan. The Japanese HOG chapter is ample proof of the appeal of these traditional machines.

More members of the mighty and honorable order of the HOGs.

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