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Painting the town Black and Orange
    The birthday bash was not limited to official events at the lakefront; not by a long shot.

The Water Street area, adjacent to downtown, was filled with people drinking anything but water. This was one of the largest of a dozen or so major block parties going on around town. I wouldn't venture to guess how many smaller celebrations were going on.

Most of the streets were blocked off around the down town area. Bikes could get in, but cars were decidedly unwelcome.

This shot is from about a half mile away from the Water Street area, as close as I could park. Even here, crowds were somewhat in evidence.

One of several outdoor stages. There were concerts, and street performers everywhere. around town.

One of the many little parks scattered around downtown, becomes a meeting place and concert hall.

A side street, adjacent to the Milwaukee School of Engineering, begins to fill with people and vendor stalls.

Concert in the park, with some of the buildings of down town visible through the trees.

Another performance stage, set just outside the park. I counted six in the downtown area.

Water Street becomes the Boulevard of Bikes

A look up towards Water Street from an adjoining street.

One of several beer gardens / outdoor dining areas, filled with celebrants.

A series of views of a very busy corner of Water Street. This part of the street was not yet closed, but it was nearly shut down by the sheer volume of bike, and foot traffic.

Trying to keep the party from spilling into the parts of the street which have not yet been closed.

The fifties live, at least for tonight.

A classic car, and it's vanguard.

Standin' on the corner. Water Street is the epicenter of a whole series of parties going on around town.

The chrome and paint of Milwaukee iron, almost hide the asphalt on which it rides.

Water Street as it just begins to gear up for one very busy week.
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