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Painting the town Black and Orange
    The birthday bash was not limited to official events at the lakefront; not by a long shot.

A view up Water Street, looking towards the main drag of downtown.

Part of the closed off section of Water Street. This has become a bit of a tradition for the large Harley anniversaries.

Bikes line the streets, and the center median of the street, and people spill out everywhere.

Crowds gather around the towering steeple of the Milwaukee City Hall.

A bit further back, and the streets leading to City Hall are lined with bikes, as a sort of honor guard.

Near the juncture of Water and Wisconsin,. This is several blocks from party central, but the whole area, like most of the busier parts of town, is filled with bikes, and people.

Sometimes, you don't need to fight City Hall, it just sort of lets you do as you please.

The road is closed, turing the City Hall area into a sort of bikers party plaza. Note the stage set up to the left of the photo; this is one of many scattered through the downtown area, as well as the rest of the city.

Rounding the corner, and trying to decide whether to stop or to keep going. So much to do, and so little time. Most visitors, and Milwaukee residents alike, were victims of sensory overload. we all wanted to be everywhere at once.

Wisconsin Avenue, the main drag of downtown. We are near the lake front, and the street is pretty desolate right now (it is the middle of the night). This will be part of the parade route, and tens of thousands of people will be here in a couple of days, to watch thousands of motorcycles roar and rumble up the street. At this time of night, a few orange signs are the only clue as to what is in store here. 

A bit of motorcycle traffic heads down Wisconsin Avenue, towards the revelry of water Street.

The lighted towers of the US Bank building, and of the Federal building, rise together.

Harley people were not the only mounted riders on the scene.
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