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95th Birthday Bash

Here come the HOG chapters. The Harley Owner Group is always well represented at these celebrations. United States flags, as well as HOG flags proclaim allegiances.

More HOG chapters make their presence known. These groups are formed all over the world, though most originate in the United States.

And still more representatives of an assortment of HOG chapters.

An English Bobby from Wisconsin? Well, perhaps he is form London or Cambridge Wisconsin.

Just about at the top of the hill, the parade riders pass Butch's Steak House.

Stompin' at the Ramada.

More riders pass the Ramada. The fingers they have raised show that we are all number one.

Another bunch, including this sidecar equipped rider, pass by the top of the hill. The street is beginning to get more crowded now.

I suspect these two have not come far. Their conservative and understated headgear identifies them as probable residents of Wisconsin.

Neat looking trike. The paint job makes it look like a 100mph lemon, or the banana ice cream man.

A tip of the hat from this gentleman rider and his wife.

People wander out into the street as far as they dare, or as far as the overstressed authorities let them.

This rider must get great radio reception. Or perhaps the horns have some other significance.

And over they go, the hill has been topped, and it is time to head down towards Milwaukee Street and the Lake.

A lone figure wanders out into the fray, perhaps to take a photograph. Though the traffic is moving slowly, and everyone is in high spirits, this is probably not the best place to be standing. I certainly wouldn't try this on a regular day during the week.

Everyone needs someone to cuddle up with at the end of the ride.

One waves while the other photographs. Most look, and can not believe the numbers of people who have come to wish them well.

The sixties, and seventies live.

Stopping at the top of the hill, the procession has halted for a moment. The traffic officers eye, and approach a man who is standing out in the road where he should not be. There was a considerable amount of this going on, and it was all in the spirit of the moment, but it tended to severely slow the progress of the riders.

The fifties live, and hearken back to a time when real women wore pink, and were proud if it.
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