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Harley Davidson
95th Birthday Bash

Looking down Michigan Avenue, towards the east.

A look down the hill, and at a rider who seems to have detached himself from the parade and gotten turned the wrong way.

Motorcycles form long streams up and down the street. Spectators form a sort of ragged mass along the edges.

Streets are full, not only of motorcycles, but of pedestrians seeking to get just a bit closer.

Photographers (myself included) also wander out in the streets, when conditions permit (or officials are distracted).

Here are a couple of long looks down the hill of Michigan Avenue, towards the river. Several files of motorcycles form long lines all the way down the street.

Standing up, or at any rate sitting down, for the Red White and Blue.

who could turn down such an invitation? This is truly an offer that can not be refused.

Passing the little park across the street on Michigan Avenue.

The little red wagon. Note the mascot on the back, keeping watch for tailgaters.

Well she was here just a minute ago. I thought it got awful quiet back there.

The sidewalks are lined several places deep, all along the route. Half of the city must be here.

A look up the hill, watching as more reunion riders cross the summit.

Passing second street, we get towards the lower end of Michigan Avenue. Spectators continue to spill out onto the street and cling to any convenient structures.

In the midst of the crowd, this rider must consider Heaven to be a bit more densely populated than most people's reading of human frailty would suggest.
Uncle Sam, with his sign, and his many companions, head down Michigan Avenue towards the Milwaukee River. The location of the bridge can be discerned through the crowd, by the raised safety barriers seen off to the left of the photo.

Another look past spectators, and riders, towards the crest of the hill.

Riders rumble past the Wisconsin Electric building. This was back before it was integrated with the gas company to become WE (Wisconsin Energy).

The sidewalks on lower Michigan Avenue, here by the river, are too full to allow people to pass. The press will get even tighter down by the bridge.

This view is looking west, up Michigan avenue towards the hill. It is taken from the threshold of the bridge crossing the Milwaukee RIver.

Trumpets herald the arrival of the reunion riders.

At the bottom, of the hill we see the bridge over the Milwaukee River. As always, we can also see throngs of people and motorcycles.
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