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Harley Davidson
95th Birthday Bash

A view from the bridge over the Milwaukee River. From this distance the motorcycles on the hill are barely recognizable, but they can still be seen to fill the street.

Standing on the bridge and waving at the passing riders.

Watching the riders head on towards Milwaukee Street, after passing over the Milwaukee River. This photograph is looking east along Michigan Avenue from the river bridge.

People are gathered to fill the bridge. Some bring chairs, and some have even camped out over night to ensure their space. All stand as the riders pass.

The press of humanity meets the press of machinery as things get just a bit crowded at the bridge crossing.

A chapter member proudly displays his flag.

Cheering the riders on, some spectators even ride on the scaffolding of a nearby remodeling job.

Riders continue to stream by, and spectators fill every possible vantage point.

People spill out onto the street.

And edge further out onto the street.

And still further out, until the riders are pressed together.

The police come to push the crowds back.

And as soon as they pass, the crowds surge forward again. It's a losing battle.

A crowd control volunteer admiring an attractive motorcycle.

Did she forget something?

Motorcycles crossing the bridge now have to ride single file because of the crowds. The crowd patrols will probably return here soon, and the crowds will move back ... for a moment.

Technically, people are not supposed to stand on the bridge, but try enforcing that ordinance now.

A look up towards the turn at Milwaukee Street. The procession moves forward, and nears it's goal.

One last look at the crowd before moving along past the bridge.

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