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Harley Davidson
95th Birthday Bash

We are down towards the end of the Michigan Avenue portion of the parade route. At Milwaukee Street, the route turns right and heads south for perhaps a  mile, before turning east to get to the Lake. Hanging banners honor the founders of Harley Davidson.

A look towards the east, and the turn at Milwaukee Street.

A look back up Michigan Street, towards the bridge at the Milwaukee River. It can be noticed that things are beginning to get mighty crowded.

Riders file through the crowds on the way to the festival grounds.

Here is the turn, at the corner of Milwaukee and Michigan, as seen looking east on Michigan. Note the parking structure, full of people at every level (including the roof).

Another shot of the turn, from a bit further back.

Looking down Milwaukee street, south along the parade route. Actually this photo was taken shortly before the procession began.

Another shot at the same place, shortly after things got started.

A view from the other side of the parking structures show no diminishing of the crowds.

Taken right at the turn from Michigan and onto Milwaukee Street. I am now on Milwaukee shooting towards the North.
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