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South to Dubuque
Travels alongside the Mississippi
A few more shots of this surprising little river town.

Various street scenes in Dubuque. At the top, we are looking down a hill which ends at the freight yards bordering the river. Just below that are a couple of scenes of  some of the residential areas adjacent to the hills and bluffs, and bordering the downtown. Just above is a view of downtown.

Looking down the street towards the amazing courthouse.

The courthouse, in a three quarter view, showing the stonework, brickwork, and statuary.

A face on view of the classic architecture of Dubuque's courthouse.

With the trees of fall in the foreground, the courthouse looks a bit like a traditional college building.

Friezes, and statues fill the top of the building. There are the usual statues depicting justice, and law, along with others that would have been recognized by literate, cultured people for generations.

One of many hundred year old plus buildings, which seem to be everywhere in this city.

A look up any street, which goes to the west, ends at the line of bluffs which cradle the city.

The Canfield Hotel sits near the bottom of the hill, the river is only a block or two away, and the hills visible in the distance are across the river, in another state.

More views of the hills backing the city, and of the streets and neighborhoods which fit snug against them.

A look across the bridge back.

One last look at the streets going west, towards the bluffs. Thirty miles west of here, the land levels out into endless fields and farmlands, and begins to look like most people's view of Iowa.
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