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Who would have thought? This is not the picture that comes to mind when I think of Iowa. Dubuque started out as one of many working river towns, back in the days of the steamboat. It remains a working town, though there is certainly the potential here, with it's river front, and it's historic buildings, for this to become a tourist spot. Then there is the geography of the place. The river is amazing, and the surrounding hills are breathtaking. Let's hope that the tourists, developers, and chains never find this place.

Some river views, and some views of Dubuque from the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi.

The bridge across the Mississippi. I believe this goes across to Wisconsin, but it is hard to say. Dubuque sits right across the river from the Wisconsin / Illinois border.

Downtown Dubuque, looking south.

Another shot of downtown Dubuque, this time looking north.

A classic building with an old fashioned church in the background.

A little bit more of downtown Dubuque. I was surprised at how nice this established, medium sized river city turned out to be.

Another view towards the river. The bridge going across can just be seen.
A look back towards the line of bluffs which frame the central portion of the city. They serve as a back drop to the residential areas touching the downtown area.
Some parts of the near downtown residential area.

A look up a great, albeit dead end, tree lined residential street, with the bluffs in the background.
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