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 Pike's Peak State Park
Travels alongside the Mississippi

A look across the mighty Mississippi from the bluffs at Pike's Peak State Park in Iowa.

A close up look at some of the verdant growth right on the river. The Mississippi at this point, often floods, and there are numerous islands and bars which are constantly changing.

A look down at part of the maze of little islets. A tow boat operator has parked some of his barges along the islets for the night. 

A view down the river form a shady spot underneath an overhanging tree.

The same spot showing clear evidence of flooding. Note the partially submerged trees.

A look down river from one of the observation platforms along the park trail.

We are looking straight across from what the park calls the Crow's Nest.

There is more to the park than a few viewing platforms built above the river. There are trails, waterfalls, and wildlife, as well as campgrounds, and picnic areas.

Bridal veil falls, during a dry spell. Generally there is enough water pouring over this rock lip to justify the name.

The woods are thick here. We area walking a park trail which goes approximately across the top of one of the bluffs.

One of the very long staircases along the trail, which helped to remind me of my age.

This little creek flows all the way down to the river, making it's small contribution to the mighty flow.

This is the midwest, and the river area, so water flows everywhere here.

A pleasure boat leaves a sinuous wake as it's owner heads home for the evening.

The sun begins to set, and the river bluffs shade the water as dusk settles over everything.

A close up of the parked barges. It can also be seen that a sailboat has anchored off the islets for the night.

Part of the semi submerged shoreline, with a bluff in the background. Note the railroad bridge just visible towards the upper center of the photo.

A look over at one of the adjacent viewing platforms.

The towns of Prairie DuChien, and Bridgeport call it a night.

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