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 The Old Car Rally
Travels alongside the Mississippi
There was an old car rally going on during one of my visits. There were hundreds of people gathered, and the party spilled over between the three town of Prairie DuChien, McGregor, and Marquette. For the whole weekend, old cars were everywhere, almost as if we had returned to the twenties. I had meant to include identification of all of the cars photographed, but I have no idea what they are.

This is a great looking two tone classic.

This car harkens back to the days when "the trunk" really was a trunk.

Pulling in to the motel after a long day of touring the bluffs of the river.

Two connoisseurs of the classic old Ford happily talk and tinker over an engine.

A great old classic Ford, beautifully restored, complete with rumble seat (now closed).

A serviceable old Ford, rebuilt, and awaiting only a paint job.

A big Ford four door sedan. Note the center opening doors which would latter come to be called suicide doors.

This full sized Ford convertible was probably the ultimate touring machine seventy years ago or so.

This little green pick up is actually used by a local business for delivery.

This banana coupe is a convertible.

A little Ford coupe, restored and looking as if it just rolled and rattled off of the show room floor.

The same little Ford coupe as seen from the side.

A big Ford black sedan, the classic gangster vehicle of the thirties.

The back of the black sedan. These cars actually had a pretty neat look to them, and were derived from the design of horse carriages.

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