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Marquette, and McGregor, Iowa
Travels alongside the Mississippi
There are a number of great little river towns likes these, all up and down the Mississippi.

Across the truss bridge which spans part of the river, between Prairie DuChien, and the little river towns of Iowa.

Some views of the river as we cross the bridge.

Traveling down this line of bluffs will take us from the town of Marquette, to the town of McGregor. This is also the road to Pike's Peak State Park.

One of countless casinos which clutter the river, sits on the bluff across the road from Marquette.

Iowa is the flat land of corn, farmers, and wholesome midwest life styles, at least to most people. It is also a state of river towns, casinos, scenic bluffs, and roadways.

A  view up the street  of Marquette Iowa. The whole town seems to cling, and crawl up the side of the bluffs.

Main street McGregor. The town is entirely hemmed in by bluffs, and is a tourist paradise.

Another view down main street. These little towns are busier than some big cities on the weekends.

They main drag is filled with shops, people, and  perhaps a bit of a view of small town life.

The Alexander Hotel. This classic structure is not restored, and shows the ill effects of several attempts to "remodel" it, which is kind of a shame, but it is still a landmark of sorts.

A look up one of the side streets. Actually, looking up is required to see past the main drag of the town.

The signs and shops here show a refreshing lack of chains, and of big businesses. I can not say how long this will last.

Some old cars are now in evidence, as the rally moves across the river. Some of the crowds are here for a fair that the town is throwing.

A log cabin sits right on main street. People do live here, and this is not a tourist attraction.

Main street McGregor, with a bit of the fair showing to the left of the photo.

A weekend fair, and flea market is being held here. This is actually pretty common for the area, and it draws people from all over.

This great old building has been turned into a large antique shop. There are many such shops here. In a larger city downtown, such a building would have long ago been torn down for a high rise, or "modernized. Thank goodness for little town.

An old car parked among the more modern variants. Some how the older car seems to be a better match for the buildings, and the area.

People perusing the fair, looking for things to eat, and things to buy.

A look down one of the side streets, at some of the smaller local businesses.

A look up on of the avenues of the fair, showing the hills and one of the great old buildings of McGregor.

Though there is an old car rally going on, this may be the oldest form of transportation being represented during the rally.

I can easily imagine horses being the main traffic of this street. being in a town like this is almost like going back in time.

One of the residential areas, a few blocks off of the main street. The town is quiet, away from the tourist throngs. The old car looks kind of at home here.

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