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LaCrosse to the Twin Cities
Travels alongside the Mississippi
A return to familiar territory. I have passed this way many times, but this time, I am here to stay. The Mississippi, and it's wonderful towns, river life, scenic views, natural wonders, and assorted wild creatures are my destination.

Well, this has become a pretty familiar location. Still, I consider this to be the gateway to the west, and to travel and what adventure is still possible these days.

A look up the river, and up the line of bluffs. These bluffs stretch nearly to the Twin Cities themselves.

A look to the west, showing the Japanese garden style trellis and overhead. In years to come, this will become vine covered, and a good source of shade.

A tow boat approaches the lock and dam.

A tourist watches one of the hard working tow boats, which fill the river.

Some of the walkways, and picnic grounds, which front the river.

A look north, up along the main observation deck.

One of the scores of recreational boaters, taking advantage of the largest river system on the continent.

A towboat is slowed nearly to a stop, at the entrance to the lock. It can take a quarter mile for a tow boat, and it's collection of barges, to come to a stop.
      Once stopped, the barges must be broken off from the towboat, and sent through the lock individually, to be assembled on the other side.

A look out across the parking lot, and towards the bluffs rimming the river.

A look north, from the parking lot. We are about to drive the River Road, towards the Twin Cities.
A number of views, taken while driving the River Road (safety first, of course). The road twists, turns, rises, and falls. Sometimes it is just a few feet from the River's edge, occasionally the river is out of sight. Always, the views are breath taking.

The river is often fronted by railroad tracks. The Mississippi basin not only hosts the largest river transport system, but one of the busier rail systems.
     Large sections of this road was cut out of the side of the surrounding bluffs, elevating it, somewhat, above the river's edge. A set of rails, or cable and post supports are in place to stave off disaster.

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