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LaCrosse to the Twin Cities
This little spit of land, stuck out in the Mississippi, is home to one of the most charming little towns on the river.
A view of the charming city of Winona, as it appears from one of the surrounding bluffs.


A look up the line of bluffs to the north of Winona. These reach up almost to the door of the Twin Cities themselves, and a bit beyond, if you follow the wisconsin border, where the rivers branch.

From the adjacent bluffs, Winona looks a bit like a child's toy, or perhaps a train set.

One of the entrances to Winona. There are only a few roads, which give access the city from the "outside".

A look east, down a shady lane. Note the bluffs in the background. They are just across the river in Wisconsin, and are visible from nearly everywhere in town.

Downtown Winona. Bluffs are, as always, visible in the distance.

A farmers market, sprawls just to the west of the river.

The farmers market takes up several streets, between the river, and the downtown area.

A landlocked, tourist version of an old river steamer, marks the edge of the river.

A series of venerable commercial buildings form this turn of the century business district.

The bridge across the river to Wisconsin, begins to rise up over the city. It begins several blocks from the river's edge, so that it can rise in a gentle slope to clear the river, and to allow a sufficient clearance for the ship traffic which passes.

One of the main streets, in this very busy little city.

A side street, looking towards the Wisconsin side.

A neat old house, with an elevated observation wing, is a carry over from more genteel times.

The front entry, and sleeping porch of this gracious old house.
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