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LaCrosse to the Twin Cities
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Along with the bluffs, the great structural steel bridge, is an ever present reminder of the proximity of the river. The bridge is visible throughout most of the town.

A look down a side street, shows the ever present bluffs on the other side of the river. it also shows the classic courthouse, undergoing renovation.

Taking a trip across the bridge.

Inside of the latticework of this great old bridge.

Entering the Wisconsin side.

The lush and relatively undeveloped Wisconsin side of the river beckons.

Wisconsin sandstone, similar to that at the Dells, sits at the bottom of the bluffs. A gas station, unassuming, and functional, sits at the juncture of the road.

Looking north, along the Wisconsin side.

Headed back toward Minnesota, and Winona.

About to enter Minnesota, via Winona.

Back among the bluffs, water, and twisting paths of the River Road.

The road twists, and turns it's way following the many curves of the river, or winding through the collection of bluffs.

A rare, long section of straight road. Above is one of the little river towns, while below us is the river itself.

Many of the little towns, and hamlets, which border the river, are carved into the sides of the bluffs. This is the only way to build here, except in the rare spots where the land flattens out.

Abandoned, but not forgotten. This bit of roadside squalor will not be left vacant for long.

Numerous roads head up into the bluffs. There are some houses, parks, and scenic overlooks above.
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