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LaCrosse to the Twin Cities
Travels alongside the Mississippi
A return to familiar territory. I have passed this way many times, but this time, I am here to stay. The Mississippi, and it's wonderful towns, river life, scenic views, natural wonders, and assorted wild creatures are my destination.

Taking advantage of a sunny day, and the proximity of the river, for a little food and relaxation.

The rest stop, and parking area at Lake pepin. I always stop here, on my way to or from The Twin Cities.

Some views of the river park, off of Lake Pepin. Lake Pepin is actually a part of the Mississippi, where the great river swells and slows.

A look to the south. Lake Pepin meanders off to once again become the Mississippi.

A look across, to the Wisconsin side. There are majestic bluffs on both sides of the river.

Looking north towards Red Wing, Prescott, and the Twin Cities. We still have a good hours drive ahead of us.

Entering the city of Red Wing. These few poor photos do not really do the place justice.. It is a great little city, in a very scenic location, This is where Red Wing shoes are made, and Red Wing pottery as well.

This is where we get off. Continuing north on 61 would take us to Prescott, and to the St. Criox River. Taking a left will get us into the farmlands of Minnesota, and eventually to the Twin Cities.

Part of the business district of Red Wing. I will need to get more extensive photographs of this great place, on my next visit.

We had previously swung west, away from the River, but here we meet it again, as it has moved west also. We will need to cross it before reaching the Twin Cities.

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