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Heading Down
The fifteen mile long Turquoise Trail meanders through these mountains, along with a number of other trails Mountain hiking is not easy, particularly for the middle aged, overweight types like myself. Thank God I don't smoke, or I may never have made it down. It is noticeably cooler up here, and the station at the bottom has indicators of temperatures up on the peak. Even so, the sun is quite hot, and the air is thin at over two miles high. Bring a water bottle. Heading down was easier, and faster. Then it was time to hit the road, for The Grand Canyon, Winslow, and the border area.

A look over the side, at the receding mountain, and the city of Albuquerque.

Looking out the window of the little stone cabin.

A fellow hiker, stands outside and admires the view.

The fireplace, now sealed, and stone beams of the cabin.

A look towards the doorway. This cabin is no longer used as a refuge, since park headquarters, and the tram station are just a few miles down the path.

The inside of the cabin, showing the joiner work.

A look back towards the tram station.

Heading back down, towards the tram. The hike took me over an hour; but it was uphill, at over two miles above sea level, on rough terrain. Some of the adjoining ridges are visible, through the sparse trees on this part of the peak.

Rounding the corner, and looking down between trees flanking a gully.

The trees part, and the city is visible. This part of the trail flanks the edge of the ridge.

Some fellow hikers mosey over to enjoy the view in the photograph above.

Back at the tram loading gate, and looking back the way I had come. The stone cabin can just barely be seen as a bump on the tip of the next ridge.

The tram arrives for boarding, and to let of another load of visitors.

A view back up at the top, as the tram starts downward. It must have been quite a job to build all of this.

The adjacent ridges. The far ridge is where the stone cabin sits.

The bushes growing on the sides of the mountain, are actually full sized trees. These photographs do not really properly show the scale of the place.

Some of the broken hills of the Sandias.

The top of the ridge line, shows pretty clearly that the Sandias are a continuous rib, rather than a series of peaks.

We are about to pass the other tram, on it's way up.

Just pass the tower, the city is visible, as we round a cliff.

This cliff reminds me of a giant stone face, staring down at the city.

A look back at the far tower, as we head down. The tower is in place to guide the tram up, and over a fold in the mountain side.

A look down at an arm of suburbs, pressed between a pair of mountain ridges.

Past the near tower, and looking back, as we almost reach the bottom.

We are photographed, as we come in for a landing. I suspect that this couple will be waiting for the next tram up.

One last view of the station, and parking area, with the Sandia Mountains in the background, before we enter the landing area.

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