The Weapons This is one of the most advanced arms I have ever seen, and may be the most advanced arm any civilian will ever be allowed to own, if legislative trends continue along the same lines as they have been. These are wonderful firearms, and it is a pity that they were put into production so soon before the legislation that was to make them unavailable to civilians. Though a civilian version in .22 caliber is still reputed to be available, the magazine ban of 1994 was the death blow to the civilian version of the 9mm. In the four short years during which these guns were in the civilian market, perhaps 10,000 of all versions in 9mm were sold. This site is my reaction to the dearth of information on these trend setting firearms. The limited number of guns, and their short lived stay in the market place, has stifled much of the interest that these guns could have been expected to generate. The dormancy of the Calico company has added to the vacuum. On this sight, I hope to partially fill that void.
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