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The .25 A.C.P
Nation Year Max. press.
Belgium 1905 26700psi
It is difficult for me to write about this "vest pistol" cartridge with a straight face. I own two guns which fire it, but I consider this dreadful little round to be a bit of a joke. It has less power than the average .22 (which is also much cheaper to fire), and because of the large number of cheap, trashy little guns chambered for it, has been given the honor of being THE Saturday night special round. I have one excellent (Beretta), and one horrible (Raven) gun for this cartridge. I recall when I had my FFL, wholesalers running specials on the raven--3 for $100, even less in quantity. Some unscrupulous types would buy these guns by the dozen and sell them for over $100 to people who could not legally buy guns. The round itself is not very accurate, which is a moot point since the weapons chambered in it are not very accurate either. Still, when trouble arises, the .25 you have with you is better than the .45 you have sitting at home, and one thing you can say about these guns is that they are small. For the legitimate citizen who can not spend much money, and needs a small pure defense gun, this would be one option, though even in this case I would recommend spending a bit more and getting a quality .22 pistol. The only load given is the standard load.

Standard Load
Bullet Powder Measure Velocity Energy Comment
50gr Bullseye 1.4gr 800fps 71fp point and pray