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22 short 22 Long Rifle 25 auto 380 9mm 125gr 9MM 147gr 40 S&W 45 ACP 38 Special 357 magnum 41 Magnum 44 Magnum 45 Long Colt 454 Cassul Pistol Cartridges (L to R)
Automatic 22 short|22 Long Rifle|25 Auto|380|9mm (124gr)|9mm (147gr)|40 S&W|45 Auto
Revolver 38 Special|357 Magnum|41 Magnum|44 Magnum| 45 Long Colt|454 Cassul

Below is a listing of the cartridges that My guns fire. This should not be taken as an exhaustive listing, as it is not. It is merely a list of the cartridges that I use. This should also not be taken as a list of all of the best cartridges, although many of my favorites are certainly shown. Missing, are the excellent Weatherby rifle rounds which I can not afford to shoot, also the 10mm magnum pistol round which I think could make automatic pistols respectable for hunting. There are also a couple of terrible rounds which are listed, such as the dreadful .25 auto, simply because I own guns which fire these justifiably unesteemed rounds. The active links lead to descriptions and critiques of the various cartridges. I will add to these as I get the time.
22L.R. 25ACP 380 9MM 40S&W 38spl 357mag
41mag 44spl 44mag 45ACP 45AR 45L.C. .454
223 30-30 7.63 308 30-06 300wm 30carb
 It may take a while to get the individual cartridges up, as I want to include loads, and ballistics tables. I am having trouble getting my computer to generate these tables, but will figure it out eventually. Listed along with the cartridges are a few of my favorite loads (where applicable). I do not intend for this to be a reloading site. For a more extensive site devoted to reloading browse to the wonderful M.D. Smith reloading site. Here you will find much more information than I am prepared to give, and links to many other sites. As can be seen from my reloads, I love the Vihtavuori powders, and am also some what partial to my old favorite Bullseye. I take no responsibility for the use of these loads in your gun, on your press. Guns differ, presses and powder measures, and brass differs. What works for me may not work for you. The rule of thumb for using new loads is to start at about 10% under the load and work your way up. I also recommend getting a load book, instead of having to rely on strangers for your loads.