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The 30-30
Nation Year Max. press.
U.S.A. 1895 42000
The classic deer hunter, and lever action cartridge, this round is intimately connected with the famous Winchester 94, for which it was developed. Often considered to be a cowboy gun and cartridge, in reality, the days of the frontier and of the cowboy were ending by the time this gun/cartridge combo was introduced. The nomenclature 30-30 stood for 30 grains of the new high tech smokeless powder, pushing a 30 caliber bullet. This was how cartridges were referred to in those days of the 45-70, 50-120, and 32-20. This was the first smokeless cartridge and the first bottle neck cartridge available to the civilian, and compared to the big old black powder rounds, it was capable of startling performance. It was also easy on the shoulder compared to the old black powder rounds with their large heavy bullets.

Bullet Powder Measure Velocity Energy Comment
150gr FSP VV N140 34.7gr 2240fps 1672fp
170gr FSP VV N140 31.7gr 2025fps 1548fp