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The .300 Winchester Magnum
Nation Year Max. press.
U.S.A. 1963 64000psi
This is a very high powered long range cartridge which is also accurate enough to be developing quite a reputation as a long range sniping cartridge. With the exception of the .300 Weatherby, this is the most powerful .30 cal cartridge in the world, and even the famed Weatherby gets a run for it's money. This round is accurate out to 1000 yards (that's ten football fields), and at that range has more energy than the .44 Magnum has at the muzzle, with better ballistics. There are some loads using lighter bullets (as low as 110 grains), but where this round really shines is in it's ability to launch heavy bullets long distances.
Standard Load
Bullet Velocity Energy Comment
200gr BTSP 2830fps 3558fp Factory Load
Bullet Powder Measure Velocity Energy Comment
200gr HPBT VV N165 75gr 2754fps 3369fp
180gr Part. VV N165 77.6gr 2898fps 3358fp
150gr BalTip VV N165 83.2gr 3197fps 3405fp