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The .380 (9mm Kurtz)
Nation Year Max. press.
Belgium 1912 22800
Not much power here, but a well regarded round in some circles. This is probably the minimum round which could be considered useful for defense. The Wather PPK, and it's famous user, James Bond made this round famous. This is essentially a cut down 9mm for use in smaller "pocket Pistols". There is little leeway in reloading because of the straight blowback design used in the pistols which fire this round. This tends to make the little cartridge uninteresting for the reloader, as you are pretty much limited to reproducing the standard factory loads. Hollow point bullets are offered for the .380, but they are of little use as the cartridge does not generate the energy required to make them expand. It is possible to coax 1000fps out of this round, but not with any of the powders I use, and not with any degree of comfort.

Standard Load
Bullet Powder Measure Velocity Energy Comment
95gr Bullseye 3.2gr 900fps 171fp
Bullet Powder Measure Velocity Energy Comment
95gr FMJ Bullseye 3.4gr 950fps 190fp