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My cabin at a traditional motor court, from the forties or fifties.  There are not many of these places left.

Inside, is not exactly the lap of luxury, by today's standards; but it is comfortable enough.

The main drag in Wall South Dakota.

The serving line of the Wall Drug Cafe. The food here is fairly good, and the prices do not gouge the tourist.

The ice cream parlor, at the front of Wall Drug. It was getting close to the end of the day, as I had arrived rather late, after a 14 hour drive. I just about had time to eat, grab a trinket or two, and then get back to my motel.

The Wall Drug Dining room, featuring original cowboy art. The place is generally packed; but was nearly empty, this close to end of day.

Another shot of the dining room, filled with original paintings.

The main hall in Wall drug, opens onto what appears to be a street full of store fronts.

Some outside views of Wall Drug, along with it's neighboring businesses. Below that are some views of my little motel, as I get ready to turn on for the night.

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