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Go! Travel! Get out there, see the sights, meet the people, and have some fun. Acquaint yourself with just how big and varied the world still is. Get out there quick, before the gas dries up, the freedom goes away, and all of the people and places merge to become exactly alike. Don't just read about it, do it. Do it now!

Pictures, experiences, thoughts, and narratives of freedom, travel, places, times, and people.

     I had some  difficulty in deciding upon how best to organize this section, and will probably reorganize, yet again in the future. You must forgive me if the organization is a bit arbitrary here. You may find much repetition of material in this section, particularly of the photographs. I do hope that it does not become dull or objectionable.  I have placed links to some of the more interesting locations, just below. Full trip logs are at the bottom of the page, and though there will be repetition of material, the trip logs will contain many details, not included on the other pages.
     Time does not remain still, and places are always subject to change. It is, after all, a very dynamic world out there. Do not expect to find the same things that I have found, repeat the journeys that myself or others have taken, or find the things that the guide books tell you are there. Instead, look for your own journey, your own places, and your own memories.  Take a little piece of every place that you visit, back with you, and leave a little piece of yourself in exchange. That's the way to travel.
Road Links Muscle Car links
Travels & Destinations
Amtrak Yellowstone park
KiMo Theater The Grand Canyon
Louisville Slugger Hormel Spam Museum
The SS Badger - crossing lake Michigan Macinaw
Going Underground (Caves and Caving)
Carlsbad Cavern (67th Longest/5th Longest Lechuguilla Cave) Mammoth Cave (Longest in the World)
Wind Cave (Fourth Longest in the World) Jewel Cave (Second Longest in the World)
The Nuclear Tourist
The Trinity Site Minuteman Missile
National Atomic Museum Titan Missile Museum
Argonne National Laboratory The First Nuclear Reactor
The Greenbrier Fermilab
Nike Base Area 51
Nevada Test Site Oak Ridge
U.S.S. Nautalus Enola Gay
  Arco, ID.
Assorted Military (non-nuclear)
The Cobia - Gato Class Submarine Turner Joy Destroyer
B-17 Aluminum Overcast  
Great Roads
The Great River Road Route 66
The Lincoln Highway
Highway 41
The Alaskan Highway
Highway 50
The Milwaukee Air Expo (Blue Angels) The Harley Davidson Reunions
Standin on the corner (In Winslow Arizona) The Rendezvous at Prarie DuChien
Sputnikfest Great Circus Parade
National Train Day  The Eclipse of 2017
Pittsburgh (soon) Twin Cities
Milwaukee Madison
Albuequerque Chicago
Oklahoma City
St Louis

Trip Journals
These are essentially some raw logs, with photographs, of some wanderings around the country. Many of the more interesting places have also been selected in the links above.
Trips to Yellowstone 1977, 90, 2001, 2002 Several trips out west, spanning three decades, to see Yellowstone park, the Badlands, Devil's Tower, the Tetons, cowboys, horses, mountains, and the marvelous American West.
A visit to the Grand Canyon 2002 A trip to the Southwest, along as much of old Route 66, as I could find.
A short trip to the West July 2006 A short, pleasant visit to South Dakota, to stay in a cabin at the Badlands, see the Minuteman Missile site, and visit a former SAC airbase.
A second Journey to the Southwest October 2006 A decision to visit the Trinity Site, on one of it's semi annual open houses, turned into a journey of contrasts, with big cities, little towns, festivals, mountains, plains and deserts. I saw caves, underground missile silos, and old west museums.
A visit to the South
November 2006

A short trip to Kentucky to see mammoth Cave. In the meantime, I got to see the birthplace of the Louisville Slugger, Colonel Sanders, and Muhammad Ali. Talk about contrasts.
A Cruise to Alaska May 2007 A train trip to the coast takes us to Seattle, Alaska, and Canada. Words can not describe this place, which is why I brought a camera.
A trip around Lake Michigan
September 2007
A visit to the Black Hills
October 2007
I get out here, whenever I can. A few vacation days left, towards the end of the year, was all the excuse I needed.