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The Rabbit Warren
My cabin at the Badlands
My cabin at the Badlands, shortly after checking in. Though they lack many of the modern amenities (like a television(, these cabins are large, clean, and have a certain charm of their own.
A look up the row of cabins, to the main drive of Badlands National Park.
A member of the welcoming comittee, peeks his head over my deck to make me feel at home. Them members of this comittee take their job very seriously.
My cabin, as I check in and begin to unpack. Since I am here alone, the second bed makes a handy place to unpack my luggage, and to toss things.
A look at my front door, with my van parked outside.
My desk, upon which I placed my laptop. The laptop can play DVD's, and I actually did bring a few along; but I really didn't come here to sit in a room all day and watch movies. My primary use for the laptop was to store my  pictures, and to do the occasional bit of writing.
Always on the job, one of the rabbits of the badlands, keeps in eye on my place.
A couple of other welcoming comittee members help man the vigil. I never say so many rabbits, nor have I ever seen wild rabbits who were so tame.
Though the rewards can be great (the occasional carrot, or piece of lettuce), welcoming comittee work can be exhausting.

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