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More of The Black Hills
Traveling along these winding roads, makes you wonder how many of these hills have their own systems of caves.
The are is so well forested, and sculpted, that it is very reminiscent of the Yellowstone area.
There is no shortage of wildlife here.
There are still a number of working ranches out here. Some are a bit hardscrabble, while others are quite successful. All strike the visitor from the East as scenic and quaint.
Coming out onto one of the lowland areas.

There are still real cowboys out here. Though the land here is lush, the hills make regular farming impractical, so ranches dominate the area's agriculture.
This place is a little piece of paradise, in the otherwise rather stark landscape of western South Dakota. Every curve brings new vistas into view.
The Black Hills are not immune to the natural forces, simply favored by them. There are fires here, from time to time, as is the case in all natural woodlands.
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