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                                                Starting Out
Just outside of Wisconsin, and across the wide Mississippi. I love this spot, and have a real attachment to it, from my first trip out here, so many years ago. This is the Dresbach stop, along the river, and just across the bridge, inside of Minnesota.
High bluffs back both sides of the Mississippi, and the roads which line it's banks. During the whole history of the colonies, and much of the history of the United States, this was the border area.

A look out at the river. The hills off in the distance are Wisconsin.
This is the decision point. A left here, will take me back along the river, and eventually up to the Twin Cities. Going straight will take me west, across Minnesota and into the Dakotas, Wyoming, and the rest of the west.
Heading west, the traveler climbs up out of the river valley, and onto the flat areas of the Great Plains.

For hours, now, the traveler will pass through mile after mile of flat cultivated land. The amount of food being grown here is staggering.
A brief rest, at a brief rest stop, inside of Minnesota.
Already, the west is calling me. Wall Drug was initially known for it's ice water, and for the signs it had place, all over the country, and all over the world.
In 1921, a young army officer, Dwight Eisenhower, Lead a convoy across the United States. This was to test the new motorized vehicles, with which the Army had decided it wished to replace the horse. Equipped and employing the logistical support of a major expedition, which is what it indeed turned out to be, the convoy took three months of hard travel, to cross the country. The future president was appalled that in what had become the most powerful nation in the world, a man could not travel with any more ease than if he were to span the wilds of Africa or South America. When he latter became President, Eisenhower was finally able to remedy the situation with the Interstate.
Yet another rest stop, this time at Blue Earth. Rest stops keep you from getting stiff, sore and inattentive. They also help keep you sane. It is nice to get out and breath the air of another state, once and a while.
A look down the picnic area, at the adjacent Interstate.
This sign says it all. The area has been changed beyond all recognition.
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