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The Black Hills
New, since my last visit, is a welcome center for the Black Hills.
Inside are maps exhibits and information about the entire Black Hills area. Previously, the visitor would need to gather information from separate information centers, in the specific areas being visited.

Entering the Black Hills, is like going to another world, compared to the surrounding area.
Entering The Black Hills, from any direction, is like entering a new world. All of the surrounding area is rather dry, hot, and has sparse vegetation. The Black hills, are forested, have lakes and rivers, and are even cooler than the surrounding plains. The Indians considered the place to be sacred.
  Within a few miles of entering the area, you are up in the hills, and surrounded by this kind of scenery.
There are a few small towns, and an assortment of monuments, parks, and campsites hidden within these hills.
This place is also filled with wildlife. When the Indians signed over millions of acres of the west, by treaty, they made the condition that this area would remain theirs. This worked out fine, until gold was discovered here. This area was the site of the last of the Indian wars.
Left and above:
One of the many marvelous narrow bridges, lacing the roads of the hills together.
A narrow, one lane, stone bridge, crossing a deep canyon. This whole area has become almost a pilgrimage for bikers, culminating in the Sturgis rallies every year.
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