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The Canon TLb

Type 35 MM SLR
Shutter Range 1 sec - 1/500 sec
Shutter Type Rubberized cloth, horizontal travel, mechanical focal plane
Meter Type CDS averaging
Meter Range EV 2.5 to EV 18
Exposure System Full aperture, manual match needle
Lens Mount Canon FD manual focus
Battery 1.3 volt M20 (#625)
      This was a stripped down version of the Canon FD series, about the middle of the line. This camera was a step below the FTb, but a bit of an improvement on the TX. This camera is a classic all metal mechanical unit, with a manual exposure system. Like all of the F series cameras, the size weight and handling qualities are the same as those of the top of the line F-1, though the capabilities are a bit less.
    In common with the FTb, the TLb uses a rubberized cloth, focal plane type shutter, with mechanically regulated speeds. The TLb has a top speed of 1/500 of a second, and goes down to mechanically timed speeds of 1 second, plus bulb for long exposures. The synch speed is the common, for the time, 1/60 of a second. Like all mechanical cameras, the shutter will function with the battery dead or removed.
    In addition to missing the FTb top shutter speed of 1/1000 second, the TLb lacks the self timer, the mirror lock up, the hot shoe, and the capability of using the CAT system. There is an accesory shoe, and a standard flash unit can be attached, and then connected via a synch cord. Still, the TLb was, and continues to be, a great general purpose camera, and a great learning tool. The metering system uses the center wieghted method to read exposure.
    The viewfinder is pretty much the standard FD type. The right hand side has the match needle system, with a straight needle linked to the meter/shutter speed, and a needle with a circle linked to the aperture. Exposure is set by bringing the two needles together. The circle on the aperture needle is approximatly one stop in diameter, so that getting the meter needle within the cirlce will insure an accuracy of half a stop or better. In the center of the viewfinder is a microprism circle for use as a focusing aid.In common with all F series cameras, the TLb has the shutter release, shutter speed, and rewind lever to the right of the pentaprism. The film speed is set by turning a locking collar on the shutter speed dial. There is no on off switch for the meter, so care must be taken to leave the lens cap in place, when the camera is not being used. A non-locking lever to the left of the lens stops the aperture down for depth of field preview. The TLb takes the whole series of FD lenses, and accesories, along with the older FL series.