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Canon Cameras

    I have always had a soft spot for Canon cameras. I suppose this is purely subjective, and I know a number of equally adamant Nikon, Pentax, and Minolta enthusiasts. All of us can make our own special cases, for our own favorite systems - in the end, it probably doesn't much matter. For want of a better taxonomy, I have taken to classifying Canon cameras by their lens mounts. Using this system of identification, there are two classes of Canon gear currently in wide spread use. These are the FD system, and the EX system. Of the two, I have a slight preference for the older FD system.
    As with everything on my site, I have limited myself to a discussion of only equipment that I have actually owned or used. I must admit that I love the old FD series of Canon cameras, particularly the all metal, match needle models like the F-1, FTB, TLb, and TX. This is more than just nostalgia, these were some great cameras, and encourage the photographer to think, feel, and see like a camera. I would love it, if someone made a digital version of these cameras; but of course no one will.
The FD system
    This was the Canon system of the seventies and, to a certain extent, the eighties. These were (and continue to be) great cameras, before technology overtook them. For pure photography, they have probably not really been overtaken; but for ease of use, the new digital, auto everything, marvels have them beat.
The F-1 The FTb The TLb
The FD Lenses An FD to EF converter The A-1


The EOS (EF)system

Canon's newest, designed for it's EOS series of auto exposure, auto focus cameras. These lenses are completely electronic, with no mechanical linkages.

The Rebel The D30 Digital Rebel XT
The 20D The 50D The EOS-M
The EF lenses (Standard, S, and M