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The Twin Cities
City at night
Don't expect any continuity in these photos. We wander all over the downtown area, back and forth.

LaSalle Plaza, and the Rock Bottom Cafe. We are wandering off of Nicolet, and on towards Hennipen.

A look up towards the mall, with the AT&T building to the right.

We are on Hennipen, looking towards Shinders books, and the Crown Theater.

More views up Hennipen. These street seems to come alive at night, and is busier late at night than Nicolet Mall..

Chevys Fresh Mex, is a great place to eat. The location in Minneapolis is wonderful, though their location in Schaumburg Illinois is awful.

People fill the streets of Hennipen at night. This is a very lively place.

Gameworks is a fun place for teen agers, and for kids. I can not recommend the food though.

Gamerworks, with LaMeridian towering off in the background.

One last look, down the side of Gamerworks, past the Hard Rock Cafe, to the Target Center.

The bright lights of the Marriot Theater, along with the sidewalks, traffic and people of the night.

A vertical shot of the old Masonic temple, now the Hennipen Center for the Arts.

A shot past the old Masonic Temple, and up Hennipen.

Some of the skywalks, up past Murray's Steak House.

A street level view of LaSalle Place.

The clock tower of St. Thomas University, lit up at night.

The original, and best location of Bucca's Restaurant.

A look out across a broad plaza, towards the lights, and tall buildings of the Mall.

Note the crane off in the background. Every year that I visit, there is always construction, with some new high rise going up. This city is always changing.

Looking up LaSalle from Tenth Street. The taller building lit up at the top, is the LaSalle Plaza. St. Thomas University is to the left.

Another shot up LaSalle Street, from a bit further back, with more of an angle.

The intersection of LaSalle and Tenth.

A look up the sidewalk on Hennipen. It has begun to rain, the streets are slick and clean, while the air has that great smell of a fresh rain. .

Left, and Below:
A look down Hennipen in the rain. The wet streets reflect the lights of the streets, and the lights of the cars.

Part of Hennipen at night.

The Red lights seen on the top of the building towards the center of the screen are glass tubes, which constantly change color. The building which hosts this display is the Target Plaza.

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