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The Twin Cities
St. Paul
St. Paul is the seat of state government, and is a bit smaller, and homier that Minneapolis. Still, it has come a long way since the days when it was known as Pig's Eye.

A look down a broad way, towards the heart of the city of St. Paul. The pyramid shaped roof to the right of center belongs to the St. Paul Companies building.

The capitol building, viewed from one of the main streets in St. Paul.

Ascension Catholic Church, which just happens to be across the street from Mickey's Dining car.

It's Mickey's dining car, complete with snoopy the guard dog, sleeping just outside.

The entrance to Mickey's. We are waiting for the rest of our party.

Mickey's must deliver. A great old panel truck, seems to hearken back to  the same era as the old dining car itself.

Seated in a back booth, inside of Mickey's. The place is pretty old fashioned, and the cooking is done on a grill, right out behind the counter.

This is the street fronting the river park. To the left is downtown, to the right is the park, and then the Mississippi River.

The warren of streets in downtown St. Paul gives the area an entirely different flavor, than the broad avenues of Minneapolis.

A look down Market Street. The Entrance to the West 7th Street Mall it to the left. The Landmark Center, and the St. Paul Hotel are just out of sight to the right.

Part of the mall and plaza area.

The entrance to the West 7th Street Mall.

Inside of the West 7th Street Mall.

A look down the inside of the West 7th Street Mall.

The St. Paul Hotel is in the center of the picture, just up the block. These small meandering streets, and the selection of classic masonry buildings, give the place a very intimate, almost European feel.

A view of the side of the Landmark Center, from one of the side streets.

The landmark Center towers (literally) over the other buildings in the square.

Most of the front of Landmark Center, with some surrounding buildings.

A look towards Market Street. The open area is part of Rice Park, which sits right in the middle of downtown St. paul.

A broad look down Market Street, which includes the St. Paul Hotel, towards the Center of the screen, the landmark Tower, which is the modern black structure in the background, A bit of the Landmark Center to the right, and the West 7th Street Mall, and associated buildings to the left.

All Hail. This is one of numerous statues, and sculptures, which filled the city of St. Paul, to commemorate it as the birthplace of Charles Schultz.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Some other entries are shown in the windows behind the statue.

Dr. Brown, and Dr. Snoopy, stand waiting to aid those in distress.

The three brothers. I am to the left, my brother Jim is in the center, and our "Little" brother Chris is on the right.

Putting the finishing touches on a renovation project. The city of St. Paul, between it's churches, cathedrals, and government buildings, has a considerable number of domes in evidence. This one is being refaced atop the Cathedral of St. Paul.

On the way out. We are headed towards the River Road, and back to Wisconsin.
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