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The Milwaukee Air Expo 05

The Coast Guard
The Coast Guard had a large presence here at the show. It helped to keep the air show area clear of boats, and to assure the safety of the many boaters who showed up to watch the show while relaxing on the water. The boat shown here is a hard bottomed inflatable. Though primarily a sea going service, the Coast Guard has an air arm of it's own, consisting of helicopters, and maritime patrol planes. A planned helicopter rescue demonstration shows off the courage and skills of America's "other" armed force.

  Rescue at Sea

The Coast Guard shows us how it is done. A coast guard helicopter drops a practice dummy, and then circles around to perform a rescue. 

The Helicopter hovers, while a rescue swimmer prepares to disembark.

  The rescue swimmer drops to the water, and attaches a line to the "victim".

Rescue swimmer, and victim are then pulled up into the rescue helicopter.  Imagine doing this in a storm, or a pitching sea.

Having finished with the demonstration, the Coast Guard rescue helicopter buttons up, and heads home.

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