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The Milwaukee Air Expo 05
Aerostars/Star Spangled Banner/Missing Man

The Aircraft being flown here are Russian/Romanian Yak-52tw's
        Weight: Empty 2,238 lbs., Max Takeoff 2,877 lbs.
        Wing Span: 30ft. 6.25in.
        Length: 25ft. 5in.
        Height: 8ft. 10.25in.
            Maximum Speed: 223 mph
            Range: 310 miles
The Aerostars, demonstration team, fly overhead for the playing of the Star Spangled banner. One of the planes rises out of  the squadron for the Missing Man Formation. This is done to commemorate those who were killed in combat.

The Black Daggers

    The Army Black Dagger parachute team.

 Not everything up in the air has wings and an engine. Three men demonstrate that they are ready to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. There are only two remaining units of paratroopers in the Army. Most airborne assaults are now made via helicopter; but there are still situations which call for the stealth of a parachute drop. It is also thought desirable to maintain a trained force of paratroopers, since these techniques were developed at a high human cost, and it would be tragic to allow them to be lost.
    Rather than a fly by, I suppose that it could be said that the Army Black Daggers dropped by. The red smoke, created by the smoke generators on their boots, help to track them, and make a nice contrast against the blue of the sky.

Michael Hunter
    This plane is being flown by Michael Hunter, the only insulin dependent diabetic competition flyer in the world. One look at the aircraft makes it obvious that the main sponsor is Accu Check, which makes blood sugar monitoring equipment. There is an Accu Check monitor in this plane.

 Mike Goulian

One of the most amazing stunt pilots I have ever seen, this Castroil sponsored plane was made to tumble end over end, and flew so low that he nearly skimmed the lake. As can be seen here, Mike Goulian is not afraid to get close to the ground, or in the case the water.

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