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Mount Rushmore
Entering Mount Rushmore. The monument itself is still several miles up scenic roads twisting though mountains, and forest.
These are some of the most scenic roads in the country.
Higher up, there is more exposed granite, and less forestation.
Various shots of the entrance to Mount Rushmore. The entrance area, plaza, and columns are all made of granite, as is the monument itself.
A full view of the monument, Mount Rushmore, and the amphitheater which sits at its base.
The trail off to the left of the photo, is the Presidential Trail, which winds around the mountain, and takes the visitor all the way around the monument.
A look at the mountain shows room for several more presidents. You can almost see their faces in the weathered rock.
The base of the main observation deck, clearly shows it's age. Though the top has been resurfaced, this base has been here since the monument was dedicated.
Inside of the main building are a series of theaters, and exhibits, as well as a restaurant, and sculptor studio.
Some of the exhibits chronicling the building of the monument.
Some exhibits on American history, the founding of the nation, and some of the major figures contributing to its legacy.
A father and small daughter look out at the monument, through panoramic windows.
Another look at the amphitheater, and trail. During the summer, daily concerts, and nightly ceremonies are performed here.

Some visitors being photographed as the next faces on the monument.
Leaving the monument.
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